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Routine maintenance and  dentistry procedures have advanced much in the past years with new technology and procedures becoming increasingly apparent,  making it necessary for the certified equine dentist to continually up-date their educational levels.
Types of treatments include:

1. Preventive dentistry
Procedures designed to maintain the integrity of the tooth function, including oral hygiene, tooth cleaning  instruction and fissure control.

2. Periodontics
Periodontics treatment of diseases of gums and other tooth supporting tissues, including  tartar removal, scaling, and polishing of teeth.

3. Endodontics
Diseases of the nerve of the tooth.

4. Orthodontics
Occlusal equilibration, including adjustments of incisor and molar geometry to alleviate excessive pressures on individual teeth, promoting efficient contact, and articulation of the  Tempro-Mandibular Joint (T.M.J.)

5. Occlusal Restoration
Removal of blockages, including high teeth, ramps, hooks, etc... allowing jaw and facial muscles to relax, promoting efficient movements.

6. Oral surgery Tooth extractions
Wolf teeth, milk teeth, deceased, diseased, fractured, broken teeth.

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