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Facts About Bits

Causes: Single conventional jointed snaffle bits.
Symptoms: Cut and/or bruised palate, bruised or broken jaw. Some single-jointed snaffle bits with conventional joint, applied with severe pressure from the riders hands, may cause a “nutcracker effect” resulting in bruised or cut palate.
Solution: HIPPUS BITS are anatomically formed bits with patented centre-joint, presenting no hard palate pressure!

Causes: Constant pressure on the tongue.
Symptoms:Restricted salivation, “hanging out” of mouth, excessive tongue movement, cuts and bruising, closure of the soft palate resulting in limited breathing capacity.
Solution: HIPPUS BITS give freedom of constant tongue pressure!

Causes: Bit too thick and/or double broken resulting in constant moving pressure on the fine boney structure of the jaw.
Symptoms: Broken or bruised bars, exostoses/bar splints, broken jaw.
Solution: HIPPUS BITS are designed anatomically to allow best placement in mouth.

Causes: Constant restriction of tongue and/or jaw movement.
Note: Salivation is produced by stimulation of the salivary glands, which are present in the horses mouth. Restriction of tongue and jaw movement will effect this occurence. Salivation production is enhanced, but not controlled by metals or materials placed in mouth!
Solution: HIPPUS-BITS are designed to allow free movement of tongue, enabling natural stimulation of salivary glands!

Causes: Rusty, oxidised bits, rough or broken surfaces, rubber, plastic, leather, or other abrasive materials.
Symptoms: grazing, open, cuts to lips, tongue and soft tissues.
Solution: HIPPUS-BITS - Use them and your horse will thank you!

Causes: Poorly manufactured and designed bits, based on pressure and pain (with sharp edges, loose and pinching tolerances).
Symptoms: Cuts and bruising to tongue cheeks, lips, bars, soft tissues, horse resistance to bit, unwillingness to accept bridle.
Solution: HIPPUS BITS are professionally manufactured with superb control on tolerances, no sharp edges, no pinching!

Causes: Bits manufactured with copper, copper alloys and other heavy metals, resulting in excessive ingestion of copper.
Symptoms: Muscular aches, fever, anaemia, respiratory disturbances, inflammation of gastrointestinal tract, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, osteochondosis.
Solution: HIPPUS-BITS are made from medical grade stainless steel producing no toxins, no oxide, no allergies, no magnetics.


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