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 Hippus Bits by Leith Ryan


What widths are HIPPUS snaffle bits suitable for?
Because of the special uninterrupted form, And the patented single-joint  (middle axis) HIPPUS BITS have a 2cm self adjusting size range  which will fit an average-sized mouth from 11.5 cm to 13.5 cm.  L-series suitable from 13.5 cm to 15.5 cm.(L = Large)

Can HIPPUS snaffle bits be used for dressage competitions?
The C1100, H510, H510G DW100, DW100G and K2000 comply with regulation guidelines.

Why doesn’t HIPPUS make its bits out of copper?
Some riders believe that copper is important for saliva production in the horse’s mouth and even that horses like having copper in their mouths. However, salivation is achieved by the tongue moving freely in the mouth, which stimulates the saliva glands in a natural way. The unique design of our bits guarantees precisely this. In addition, copper is a toxic metal. Research carried out on horses in the USA has shown that there is a connection between copper bits and the disease OCD (osteochrondosis).

See also Poisoning

Are HIPPUS snaffle bits sharp ?
Any snaffle bit can be sharp in the wrong hands. Some riders think that a bit should fill the whole of the space between the bars, so that the bit cannot move backwards and forwards. Experience has shown, however, that most mouth injuries are due to thick bits. Ideally, the bit should not fill more than half of the space between the bars.

'Brutal' riders with 'hard' Hands may find Hippus Bits unsuitable for their 'needs'




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