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Feedback from happy Hippus clients around the world.

Dear Leith,

    I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the Hippus bit. It took me a while to start using it as my mare was ok with her previous bit, but she is even more quiet in the mouth with the Hippus bit. She’s quite a fusser, and little things annoy her so if she gives the Hippus bit the thumbs up, then it’s amazing! A lot of people whose opinion I value recommended this bit, but it’s even better than I’d hoped. I won’t ride with any other bit in future. Many thanks for your patience and wonderful help,


Hi Leith,
     thank you for your help! I have 3 Hippus bits now (the K2000, the bridoon and the H1000) for my two dressage horses. The older horse (now 8) has had numerous serious dental issues (including surgeries), and the younger horse (same breeding) has just started his "dental bitting" career. They are both under the care of an excellent dental specialist and a veterinarian with her equine dentel certification. After years of working my old horse without a bit, and trying the standard bits on the market (even had a bit custom made for him), I happened across the website for Canadian Equine Dental (Todd Williams) and checked out your link. Todd sent me the bridoon to try -and I was thrilled (as were my coach, my vet, and ny equine dentist)! My horse is now extremely happy to work "on the bit", he can breathe (a major problem for him with a standard bit) and the nerve damage in his face is no longer an issue when he has his bit in his mouth (he actually opens his mouth for his bit now!) He also salivates nicely (has never done that with a stainless bit). I have higly reccomended the Hippus bits to everyone that is dealing with "bit issues".

Regards, Laurie

Hi Leith,
     i just want to say thank you again for this wonderful job you did. My older horse was so happy when we went for a ride after your visit. No hard hands, nothing!! Thank You.

Have a nice day, Heidi, Twist, Sheela and the wonder-pony!

Dear Leith,
     My horse and i are very happy with the H1000. As I started driving I am interested to know if you start developing also a bit I can use for driving, something similar to K2000.

Yours faithfully, Katharina Tomaschett & Silver.

Hi Leith,

     yes, the Hippus bit arrived 4 days ago, Thank you! I have been using it on several horses but, of course, primarily on my tricky Trakehner Basil since then. It has been of immediate and obvious benefit for Basil: he has stopped banging his teeth together, and his tongue seems also to more settled. She is happier to go in a rounder shape and is lighter in the hand. I am so happy about that as I hate to feel heaviness through the bit. I am very pleased to fill less tension in this area for Basil even though I know, accept and actually enjoy the fact that he is by nature highly sensitive. This is what makes him talented and a joy to ride at times. Thanks for the tip about where the bit should sit in the mouth, no wrinkles, I had it a little tighter, and it was still better than anithing else I had tried but now it's great.

Thanks again, Linda Henderson.

Hi Leith,

     just wanted to thank you again for your great job on Seanemas teeth. She's really become a new horse and it's a great pleasure to ride her with your Hippus bit!

Best regards, Petra Weigert.

Thank you Leith for developing a bit that helps make horses happy, soft, responsive and relaxed. I start young horses under saddle professionally, and your snaffle is now used to start all our youngsters, and for the general riding horses. We have also noticed immediate and large shifts in the responsiveness of finished 'Reiners' using your reining bit. It is awesome. To anyone considering trying these bits, I would say absolutely - you won't regret it. The only problem I have found is we only bought two of the snaffles, and if there are three horses being worked, everyone wants to use your bits, rather than the 'Myler'  (which I had previously used). The bits are beautifully made too, and a real credit to you.

Sonia Dewdney

Elvira is another horse since you took care about her, and since she is wearing the new trense and the Hippus H1000. She does,'t shake her head anymore and she is much more quiet now... thank you so much for what you have done for her! I am so Happy for her.

Regards, Jacqueline Gehring

     you left me three bits for testing. It's amazing how the horses are responding. It shows them their possibilities, they start to search and are finding through they whole bodies what make sense for them and for what a rider is looking for (or dreaming of). And me, the rider, am working much more with the seat and weight and be much more sensitive with the hands.

Thank you, Brigitte

Dear Mr. Ryan,
     I am very surprised in a positive way from your "trense". In the past I thought that's not possible for me to ride my horse with bits, because she always reacted ugly. But now, with your bit, it's easy to get directly a smooth contact to her. thank you, and I hope to see you next year!

I. Bergmann

I knew that your bits are professional, but the result on riding exceeds all that I expect! It's great and I think many horses will be thankful and love you for producing this bit! It's wonderful, Sammy could't believe that a bit exists that doesn't pinch. Thank you very much for your work.

Greetings, Isabelle

I just had some major dental work done on two of my young horses. My four year old gelding needed extraction of teeth and floating to restore his occlusion. Until then his mouth was so sore, that it was  difficult to bridle him. When worked he had a very dry mouth and tried everything to avoid contact through the bit. My mare was often shaking her head and hollowed her back in avoidance of any bit contact.  Todd Williams, the equine dentist, recommended the Hippus-bit as the gentlest possible bit that he as a dentist was aware of. Luckily he had one last sample in his truck, which he offered to lend to me until  I was able to get my own. I immediately tried it on my mare who willingly accepted it and is now willingly accepting to have contact. As soon as I received my first bit I introduced it to my gelding who  loved it. He searched for the contact and was very very soft in the bridle. He even started to develop some foam. The issue of bridling him has become less of a problem, since he is not afraid of the bit  anymore. He had been worked in a simple d-ring snaffle and 'Myler'-bit. The Hippus-bit doesn’t give any pressure on the palate which is particularly important for young horses and their shallow mouths. I have  worked with this bit for two month now and see huge difference in my horses’ acceptance of the bit in his mouth. He is soft and responsive. Over the years I have accumulated a nice collection of different  bits, which will now go into the “Bit-Museum”!

Susanne Berger


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