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Around 4000 BC, 'man’ embarked on the idea of 'bitting' horses, conceptionaly based on primitive application of  ‘pain and pressure’. Nobody since has looked at the damage, or seemed to care enough about  it, to try and change it.

HIPPUS has taken that step forward. Our goal is to liberate the noble horse from pain and pressure, offering a genuine opportunity to enter into a complimentary relationship between man and horse.

A bit is not just some device that goes into a horses mouth for some obscure reason. A bit is the front door key, it is the way into a mysterious house, the way you use it it will determine whether you make the house a 'home' or a haunted nightmare.

The function of the bit is not to stop or slow the horse, not to frame, collect, set his neck, nor make his head vertical or sit him on his hindquarters.

'Going onto the bit' is something a horse does to the bit; NOT what the bit does to the horse!

Ancient horse bit

Around 400 BC, the greek cavalry general Xenophon wrote:

If one induces the horse to assume that carriage which it would adopt of his own accord when displaying its beauty, then, one directs the horse to appear joyous and magnificent, proud and remarkable for having been ridden.

The purpose of the bit is to open doors of flexibility, transfer energy from front to back in neck of mounted horse, stimulate, contract, stretch and relax muscles which aid posture, energy flow, and offer  true collection and straightness.

HIPPUS-BITS are designed so that constant pressure is not exerted on the horse’s tongue, palate and bars. In addition, our design ensures that there is enough space in the horse’s mouth, allowing the horse  to breathe more effectively. The tongue is kept free, and this ensures that it can stimulate the saliva glands in the optimum way and enhance balance and performance.

 Hippus bits by Leith Ryan

  • HIPPUS-BITS are produced from medical grade, acid resistant stainless steel, and are therefore guaranteed to be free of oxides, toxins, allergens and magnetics.
  • HIPPUS-BITS are very easy to clean and polish.
  • The material testing of our patented designs have been carried out by the EMPA (the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Testing and Research), which confirmed the high load capacity of our bits.
  • HIPPUS-BITS are individually inspected, and undergo random testing and x-ray-examination after manufacturing.
  • In summary: HIPPUS-BITS promote the best balance and harmony between horse and rider!

Leith Ryan on a westfahrlen cold blood with an Hippus H510L bit.The anatomical form of the Hippus bits free the horse of constant pressure of the tongue, bars and palate.English noseband with an Hippus C1100 bit.

The correct positioning of the noseband is very important to get all the functional advantages of the HIPPUS BITS.

  • Common/cavesson: Should not be used too tight, as to restrict jaw movement and impede  natural balance. The original guide is 2 fingers loose!
  • Drop noseband/grakle noseband: Can restrict autonomy and ability of horse to carry the bit in optimal position, by permanently locking the bit in the  'wrong' position!


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