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The project of the HIPPUS BITS I already embarked upon, in about 1980. Like all horsemen, I always had my doubts about the customary bits and their characteristics. My involvement and experience in equine  dentistry has played a very important role in the development of my bits. Since starting my career as an equine dentist in 1975, I have found and investigated many problems in horses mouths. I have  encountered not only dental problems, but also the horrific results of badly designed bits. These bits are produced without consideration for the horse and without elementary knowledge of anatomy, physics  and biomechanics!

Based upon these experiences, I have made the following basic concept my maxim:

“If a horse is comfortable and calm, is free from stress and pain, then the horse is content and therefore easier to ride and train!”

Leith Ryan - Master Certified Equine Dentist


Leith Ryan

Leith Ryan biography

  • 1975 The beginning: Traineeship with Harry Causer (“Harry the horse breaker”) mostly race-horses. Wolf teeth, caps, and float.
  • 1975-1984 Race-horses, stock-horses and anything that comes, while always wondering and looking for more answers, and more knowledge In between time playing polo, breaking-in and training horses for polo, racing, and stock work.
  • 1990 Extended travel led to U.S.A. met some like-minded people, also wanting to promote and improve horse dentistry And attended Academy run by good friend Dale Jeffrey.
  • 1992 Achieved the coveted “Master Certification" (m.eq.d.) Through the World-wide association of equine dentistry.
  • 1993 Instigated the Chapter concept to bring countries together from all over the world into one standardised purpose. Appointed Australian director of W.W.A.Eq.D.
  • 1994 Proposed and wrote the Standards of practice, and codes of conduct, for equine dentistry. These documents later became adopted and adapted by most all equine dental associations around the world, including international A.Eq.D., Florida A.Eq.Dt., B.E.V.A., A.E.D.E. (Idaho), A.E.D.E. (France).
  • 1996 Appointed Executive director of Worldwide Association of Equine Dentistry Inc.
  • 1997 Commissioned by the University of Zürich to write and present a post graduate course for veterinarians in Switzerland. gan and developed a very successful international equine dental practice, based in Switzerland.
  • 2000 Ivented and developed the HIPPUS range of horse friendly bits (“for the horse”).
  • 1975-Today Individually helped and encouraged as many people as possible to start and succeed in horse dentistry, and help as many horses as humanly possible.

 Leith Ryan biography



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