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'Riding problems'  include:  head shaking, head tilted to one side,  not stopping,  hard to put on bridle,  high head carriage, rearing,  running backwards, running away, bucking, over-bent, pointing of nose,  bad transitions,  unsuitable lead changes, stiff neck, hard mouth, tongue problems, shoulder stiffness, forging, and overstepping, hollow back,  lack of impulsion from behind, goes better one side than  other,  atlas (poll) problems,  bleeding,  excessive salivation.

'Other problems' loss of weight, eating too fast, eating too slow, dropping food,  washing food in water before eating, dentition fever, cribbing, biting, nasal discharge, stink from mouth or nose, facial  bumps or lumps, eye discharge, holding head to one side to prevent food dropping, Intermittent lameness, temperament changes,  low disposition, attention should be given at first occurrence of any of these  symptoms so as to avoid the conflicts and create bad habits for both horse and rider.

BALANCE is critical to the performing horse, correct equilibration of the mouth can assist the overall balance of the horse.

BITS and all mechanical devices should be fitted to the head with considered thought for basic anatomy and comfort to the horse.

“A horse will do more for you in comfort than in pain!”

An heavy bit can cause injuries and suffering.Bad-treatment.jpgExample of a bad dental treatment made by unqualified operator - Molars occlusion is lost!Periodontal disease on a horse.Periodontal disease on a horse.Periodontal disease on a horse.Periodontal disease on a horse.Periodontal disease on a horse.




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